b"All Texans benefit by valuing our local regions native plants. Connecting our collective view of the cosmosNative habitats and healthy ecosystems are essential to our quality is one of the most precious and awe-inspiring gifts of nature. of life and well-being of all living creatures. We envision a future where people actively manage all outdoor living spaces as critical green infrastructure. These beneficial natural assets are resilient As citizens, we are obliged to take responsibilityand fully adaptable to residential and commercial developments. to care for and preserve this often forgotten,We can employ proven sustainable designs that provide and but important piece of natural infrastructure. preserve native habitats, bringing vibrant ecological health to human built environments.More than 30 state NPSOT chapters across Texas are serving at the community level. They sponsor educational speakers, field trips, workshops, on such subjects as plant identification, propagation and landscaping. They volunteer and work in demonstration gardens and many other projects.Join & participate in local chapters: npsot.orgNeW BILINGUAL YARD SIGNS $29English (#7009E) or Spanish (#7009S),these metal yard signs are 9 x 12 inches with rounded corners and four mounting holes: centered, 2 top, 2 bottomthree inch blooms to see intricately woven basket underneath! Profuse blooms in springtime. Superb pollinator plant! Look under the th .helping people restore the Ear in clay, loam or sand.sunlightGrows in fulRead the Land Prepare the Site Act of Seeding Water Talk )- N(af P to owNG H American Basketflower Centaurea americanafertilizers. to soil contact. rake smooth.Do not apply assure good seed to a 1/4 depth,seeds sprout.chickens. Press tospecies. Loosen soilkeep moist untilsoil, like feedingnon-native alienLet it rain orer seeds onScat Consider removingov uG all iN laNt eedS ildflower ative row Water Conservation, Responsible Beauty, Wildlife Habitat Though many changes have occurred, they would love to come back home.Touch the earth and quietly listen. 150 years ago only native plants grew here. 4 1 6 0 0 1 9 5 2 0 4 8 . ec r u o sd e people es . w w w .helping May - June Bloom:Annual. Height 2'-5'Swo the c restore Girl Story Telling Kitearth m$12 to the Kippra Hopper net wt 7 g.Offerings Winged Ones KitBecome native to your place. Play an active role in the experience of life.Native American Seed, Junction Texas800.728.4043 | seedsource.com$31S eedM oney NEW e-Gift CertificatesS eed M oney From ~ IVESE$50 DSW E~ T o EDSW E From ~ $50 Tell us how much and where you want it to go, and $100 ~ T o V ESEET T we'll instantly deliver along with your personalized T A RI My Loving Your LovingAT R Oliver N UU My StubbornS Wife F I F T Y message, directly to the email inbox so that the lucky NF I F T YNITSN Husband THUNDREDNeighbor I Smith . helping people restore the earth recipient can choose just exactly what they want from N ativea mericaNS eed the whole feast on the banquet table helping people restore the earth NS eedN ativea mericaMail Order Station3791 N. US Hwy 377Junction, TX 76849 800.728.4043 www.seedsource.com .available between $25 and $2,500 incrementsMail Order Station3791 N. US Hwy 377Junction, TX 76849 800.728.4043 www.seedsource.comn ativEa MEricanS EEd 800 728 404397S eedM oneyeedM oney From ~ o S V ES E IVE SE~ T o From ~E DSW EEDSW E~ T T TTIT A RA R N UUN N S SI TTNI. helping people restore the earthN ativea mericaNS eed. helping people restore the earth NS eedN ativea mericaMail Order Station3791 N. US Hwy 377Junction, TX 76849 800.728.4043 www.seedsource.comMail Order Station3791 N. US Hwy 377Junction, TX 76849 800.728.4043 www.seedsource.com"