b'Left to right: Jan Neiman, Jane Weaver, Bill Neiman ~ Jane Weaver & David Prince Discovery Lab, courtesy of Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD. The Naming Ceremony But then I heard a coyote softly calling again. Her voice coming from a vast darkness down by Marine Shut the hybrid engine down at push of a button.Creek. This voice I knew from long ago.Several minutes late, after an intense inner-city rush hour of high speed go-stop-go traffic. SittingSuddenly, I felt an edge of confusionwhich was there in a silent moment of relief. We made it herethe right way to go now?alive. Cracked open the door, I heard her call. Cold darkness enveloped the last rays of the daysFrom the darkness, I could feel her eyes fixed on warm light. In that split-second moment, the airtightme. Slowly I turned toward the bright LED lights in door seal broke open and pressure in my inner earthe glass meeting room. Snapped out of it as Jan, shifted. She was there. But then, she was gone. my partner, took my hand. We walked in the door trying not to be noticed as the opening remarks I could see across the parking lot through massivecame to a pause. plate glass walls into a brightly lit meeting room. A hundred souls were gathered. Properly seated,As we entered the room, she was called to speak upright in neatly spaced rows of folding chairs.at the podium. She got up and turned instead All were facing the podium, their backs turned totowards memoving with determined stride. We me. Kinda knew she was in there. The eveninghugged as lifelong friends do, while everyone in the ceremonies were all about herand Mr. Prince. room watched in silence. She turned back towards the podium but would not accept the mic from the superintendent.'