b'Dear Bob, I have real good newsJane Weaver, our friend iconic teacher in Blue Mound, and her colleague David Prince were recently recognized for their mutual legacies that your gracious support createdso many years ago. The Prairie Project, an experience that only couldve happened because of your willingness to take a chance on supporting such a wild idea. Creating a 27-acre outdoor prairie classroom to teach a community of children was no easy feat. Bob Deskin at Prairie Project. Retired, living in FL at the graceful age of 91. My partner for life Jan and I were fortunate to attend the Naming Ceremony for a brand-new teaching facility in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD. The school district really shines as leaders in education to construct and dedicate the unbelievably beautiful Jane Weaver & David Prince Discovery Labs. The modern native sandstone and glass architecture is remarkably advanced in its interior design. The building presents a vast feeling of openness meant to connect students to the outdoors. The 2nd story floor serves as the district Administration Building, complete with a Bistro Cafe overlooking a 20-acre parcel. This special land is permanently preserved as an outdoor classroom. It features endless possibilities to study ecological significance of native prairie grasslands and riparian woodlands along Marine Creek on Ft Worths north side.We have come a long way from our meager 1989 beginnings so many years ago. With all our gains and then our ultimate losses of the original Prairie Project landthis amazing new facility proves just how priceless was the cumulative worth of our work together. Though our physical efforts on the land were eventually bought, sold, bull-dozed and paved over through no fault of our ownthe spirit we created promises never to die.These two teachers instilled a living, breathing conservation land ethic within the hearts of their students. Because of these iconic, vivacious teachersa living legacy exists to benefit the surrounding North Texas community. Who knows, maybe tomorrow the planet at-large will benefit by a students actions and leadership coming from this remarkable place. Many of those 1,000 plus students we helped nurture in the past are already proving their value to society. The possibilities of future generations is our best hope. As the clouded uncertain future unfolds, I pray more gutsy teachers will be encouraged to step up and carry this crucial legacy forward. May they too continue to teach and enable our young people to grow-up to be good ancestors. Am always grateful for your gift of a lifetime. Continuing my small, tiny part by planting native seeds, I am so thankful our paths were so firmly merged on this long and meaningful journey.The Prairie Project is the most rewarding work of my life.With much gratitude,Bill Neiman, co-founder of Native American Seed'