b'RiparianRecovery Mix TMTMEcoSystem in a BagAid for Rebuilding Stream Bank Buffer Zonesphoto by Paul PilchTexasaloneishometomorethan 3,700-streams&15majorrivers.Totaling 191,000-miles, riparian areas are essential in Eastern Gamagrass storing and protecting water quality, preventing erosion,andprovidingnutrientsandhabitat for fish, fireflies and wildlife. Our actions can sustain healthy, vibrant natural riparian areas for all to enjoy now and in the future. Black-Eyed Susan, Sand Dropseed, Virginia Wildrye, Clasping Coneflower, Plains Coreopsis, Often, the best thing you can do for streamGreen Sprangletop, Tall Dropseed, Lemon Mint, banks is leave them alone. Heavy equipmentAlkali Sacaton, Sideoats Grama, Prairie Wildrye, compactssoil,makingrecoverydifficult.Indiangrass, Plains Bristlegrass, Partridge Pea, Cleared, manicured turf lawns are extremelyIllinois Bundleflower, Cane Bluestem, Big Bluestem, low stabilizer plant communities offering littlePink Evening Primrose, Switchgrass, soil protection or water filtration. After flooding,Broomsedge Bluestem, Maximilian Sunflower, Texas Bluebells leave downed trees and drift in place where practical.Slim Tridens, Inland Seaoats, Cardinal Flower, Canada Goldenrod, Swamp Milkweed, Marsh Elder, Native, deep-rooted, diverse plant communitiesTexas Cupgrass, Texas Bluebells, Swamp Sunflower, work together with big dead wood, limbs andFrostweed, Eastern Gamagrass, Florida Paspalumdebris to help dissipate floodwater energy, filter and trap sediment, and stabilize soil and plantYour Remarkable Riparian BookSetrecovery.RegenerationcanoccurnaturallyItem #6073 $45inriparianareas,especiallywhereexisting healthy uplands are in place. Free Download: Managing Riparian Areas Maximilian Sunflower RemarkableRiparian.orgRiparian Recovery Mix Item #4506Open Space 12 lbs / acre 25+ lbs $36.79 / lbLawn & Garden3,750 sf $117 / 3 lbs 1,250 sf $ 39 / 1 lb250 sf $ 19 D-PakNot all plants are created equal. Switchgrass Communities of specialized native grasses & plants grow healthy, functional riparian areas.Order Onlinewww.seedsource.com39'