b'GRASSESB lackg raMa Bouteloua eriopoda This native grass is found throughout the arid and semi-arid areas of West Texas and into photo by Paul Cox, Ladybird Johnson Wildflower CenterCalifornia. Extremely tolerant of drought conditions in challenging soil types and thrives on as little as 7 inches of rainfall per year. Typically growing up to 6" tall, this important western grass species historically served as a primary source of forage and cover for wildlife over an extensive range.Open Space 2 lbs / acreHeight 6 / with seedheads 1 - 3Lawn & Garden 1 lb / 5,000 sfSoil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShade X Dry-Medium Item #20471 lb $129D-Pak $195,000 sf300 sfB lueg raMaBouteloua gracilis Blue Grama is a 3-6 inch short grass that requires just 7 inches of water per year. If left unmowed during the flowering period, the grass produces a beautiful 10-inch seed stem. Excellent stands can readily be established from seed. Used as a water-conserving grass because of its wide adaptation to all soil types, including thin or alkaline soils. Excellent lawn grass in sunny areas when combined with Buffalograss or Curly Mesquite. Also see Native Sun Turf or Thunder Turf p.15 Open Space 4 lbs / acreHeight 3 - 6Lawn & Garden 1 lb / 5,000 sf Soil TypeSunlightSoil Moisture SandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeX wDry-Medium 15,000 sf1,500 sf Item #2008 25+ lbs $31.13 / lb 1 lb $33D-Pak $14 5,000 sf300 sfB rooMSedgeB lueSteMAndropogon virginicus Carolyn FannonCommonly misidentified as Little Bluestem, this native is one of the dominant species in savannah prairies in the eastern United States.Like all bluestems, this plant is attractive especially when the sunlight hits its fluffy seedheads. Broomsedge has a bad reputation as an invader because of mismanagement on overgrazed lands. This characteristic is however beneficial for erosion control. Broomsedge makes cover and nesting material for quail, is a good food source in winter, and is a larval host plant for butterflies such as the Zabulon April EdmondsSkipper.Open Space 2 lbs / acre Height 3 - 6 Lawn & Garden 1 lb / 5,500 sf Soil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayFullPartialDappledShadeCaliche X w Dry-Moist 150 sf Item #2019 D-Pak $19200 sfB uFFalograSSBouteloua dactyloidesA 5-8 inch short, sod-forming grass. Lives on as little as 12 inches of water per year, spreading by seed and surface runners. Buffalograss has no natural diseases or pests, does not respond to fertilizer, and withstands extreme heat or cold. Found from Minnesota and Montana down to Mexico, thriving in all types of soils. The environmentally responsible alternative to Bermuda or St. Augustine. Also see Native Sun Turf or Thunder Turf p.15Open Space22 lbs / acreHeight 5 - 8 Lawn & Garden 1 lb / 500 sf Soil Type SunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayFullPartialDappledShadeCaliche XDry-Moist 2,500 sf300 sf Item #2001 25+ lbs $33.96 / lb 1 lb $36D-Pak $22 500 sf100 sfOrder Onlinewww.seedsource.com29'