b'Can you help keep my migration from collapsing?Spread these good seeds in your fields and gardens for my babies. I am grateful.courtesy of Larry Allain, USGS National Wetlands Research Center FRESH MILKWEED SEED READY FOR 2024 MIGRATIONPlease help us sustain the epic 3,000-mile MonarchIf planting in spring, cold moist stratification for 14 - 30 days Butterfly migration from Mexico to Canada. Monarchsis beneficial to increase germination. Soak seed overnight depend specifically on milkweed to feed their youngin distilled water. In a gallon freezer bag, mix seeds with 1 caterpillars. Land fragmentation, herbicides and extremepart perlite, 1 part vermiculite and add distilled water until climate caused butterfly populations to plummet by an eye- just moist. Label bag with date and refrigerate for 2-4 watering 85% in the last 20 years. Green Milkweedweeks. After last frost, plant in spring. Remove from bag historically occurred along the monarchs flightpath, fromand sow stratified seeds directly into soil. For larger P i neyWoodSl ittleB lueSteMstratified seed to air dry Texas to Nebraska and eastward to the Carolinas. plantings with seed drill, allow moistItem #2059just enough to flow thru planter. Plant between 1/8 and 1/4 Shade-tolerant. Thrives in acidic, well-drained sandy soils common to the Pineywoods. Drought tolerant, deer resistant, native perennial, floweringdeep. Firm into soil, keep moist until germination.Adapted to annual rainfall of 35 to 60". Comprises the historic understory of mature pine between April and September. forests and savannah grasslands. Plant this Little Bluestem in the Pineywoods to help restore If aphids overtake your milkweeds, hose off with strong habitat for many species of breeding birds including red-cockaded woodpeckers, pine Thrives in many soil types except for deep sands or verywater spray or use plain soapy water. Aphids attract warblers and bachman\'s sparrow. Individual plants vary from red-green to chalky blue.wet soils. In Texas, prefers full sun with loamy, dry to moistbeneficial insects like ladybugs, so find a happy medium. Dpak $12 / 200 sq ft $27 / lbsoils. Common in Blackland and Cross Timbers clay loams.No fertilizers. Prune if desired to encourage new growth c entralt exaSl ittleB lueS teM Item #2060before migration time. Monarchs show preference for laying Source of nectar for other beneficial bees, eastern tigereggs on freshest new growth.Semi-shade tolerant. Adapted to oak woods and prairies of central Texas with annual rainfalls swallowtails, hairstreaks, queens and occasionally of 20 to 40". Plant this Little Bluestem in Blacklands, Edwards Plateau, Cross Timbers, Lost photo by Ed Fairhummingbirds.For other Milkweed Seeds see pages 61, 63, 77, 79.Pines & Rolling Plains to help restore habitat for bobwhite quail, white-tailed deer, rio grande turkey, le conte\'s sprarrow. High genetic variability in this population produces divergent g reenM ilkweed Asclepias viridisgrowth forms resulting in some individuals being shorter and some taller.The only thing more beautiful than the intricate, satiny flowers of this plant are the soft, Dpak $14 / 200 sq ft fluffy seeds that emerge from its pods in the fall. The milkweeds are all important to the life g ulFS tateSl ittleB lueSteMItem #2058cycle of butterflies. Monarchs particularly like the Green Milkweed and are famous for their migration which spans the life of three to four generations of the butterfly.Adapted to high rainfall up to 80" and high humidity. Historically found in wooded savannahs perennialsee p 46 - Native Milkweed seeding rate& open prairies from south Texas sand sheet to east coast. Most Southeastern US prairies bloom AprSepSustain the Migration KitOpen Space 3 lbs per acrehave been lost to agriculture, timber and development. Excellent for those wishing to improve height 13\'Lawn & Garden 1 lb / 6,500 sfwildlife habitat and reclamation works. Highly productive forage type. Soil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureDpak $14 / 200 sq ft $29 / lbSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShade Dry-MediumBest used withSoil TypeX Sunlight Soil MoistureItem #3101 SandLoamClay CalicheFullPartialDappledShade1 lb $499 D-Pak $19 1 pkt $3.49 other diverse 150 sf w b Dry-Moist X10 sfRangeland Seeding Rate 9 lbs / acrenative seeds! Height 2-3 feetLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 1,750 sfOrder Onlinewww.seedsource.com67Order Onlinewww.seedsource.com67'