b'- l iver ootS-We offer live roots by the handful in the hopes that theyOrder by 11am on Monday. We dig and ship may thrive on your land too. We have come to know theseroots every Tuesday with 1-2 days UPS delivery plants by their strength and ability to grow and spread.(out of state shipping charges may apply). These plants are especially useful in erosion control,Please be ready to plant & water your roots wetland, raingardens and wildlife habitat restoration.A.S.A.P. after receipt of order.Maximilian Sunflower #2501 Switchgrass#2524Helianthus maximilianiSR 6 Panicum virgatum 1 bundle2-4 bundles5-14 bundles15-74 bundles 4 to 8 ft tall, this fall bloomingSR 9attracts dove, quail, turkey. deep roots$34 ea.$27 ea. $23 ea. $20 ea. periannial sunflower creates distinctare extremely stabilizing near wet and beautiful deep green colonies areas. well-suited for dry sunny areas 75+ bundles: Call for large order pricing Tall Goldenrod#2503 Texas Bluegrass #2507Solidago altissimaSR 6 Poa arachniferagreat for stabilizing wet areas and uncommon cool season evergreena nectar producer for fall butterflies perennial. loves shade or full sun. Tall Aster #2502 short 8-10", really easy & fast to growSymphyotrichum praealtum var praealtumSR 5 Florida Paspalum#2526spreads readily in sun, shade, wet orPaspalum floridanumdry areas. butterflies flock to this greatrhizomatous perennial grows in nectar source in fall migration disturbed, wet habitat. Seeds provide excellent food source for birdsA mans life isa wee bit short. Big Bluestem Plateau.#2500Our team gathered some tools together and headed out to the rescueAndropogon gerardiiof some Eastern GamagrassTripsacum dactyloideson the late RCformerly the most dominant grass Mauldin\'s home place near Waco. While we were plantingtherootson the tall grass prairie. found this back at theJunction farm, bulldozers leveled RC\'slifetime of workeco-type at 2000\' above sea level foranewsubdivision.Theseroots are now growingand happilyon far west end of edwards plateaumultiplyinginhopesthat you maybenefitfromthesemen\'swork.Arizona Cottontop#2525R.C. Mauldin was an elder and mentorto many people of rangeland,Digitaria californicasoil and water conservation work in the early-mid 1900\'s.rapidly establishes.very drought All gamagrasses are excellent streambank stabilizers. Fast growing,tolerant. white delicate cottontop highlyproductiveforagegrasswithdeepperennialroots.Oftenseedheads beautiful display in grows on uplands in the deeper soils. mass plantingsTexas Cupgrass #2515SR 9 Eriochloa sericeagood native prairie indicator, though mostly grazed out. birds love the nutritional seeds. Texas Wintergrass #2513Nasella leucotricha12-14" ht, lush cool season growth. dormant in summer, but stays green, requiring no mow, no water Waco Indiangrass #2517Gamagrass Blackland Prairie #2505 Sorghastrum nutansSR 9Gamagrass Plateau Central TX#2504 a new addition to our root offerings. Gamagrass Rolling Plains North TX#2506 grows 3-4\' ht with fall bloom Order Onlinewww.seedsource.com91'