b'HORNED LIZARDHABITAT MIXphoto by Dusty Rhoads native harvester ants / seeds by Amber LeungHORNY TOADSancient remnants of our vanishing prairiesThefirstanimalsentbackeastby Lewis & Clark, horny toads are living symbolsofthewildAmericanGreat Plains.HornedLizardsmainlyeat seed-collectingHarvesterAntsand other social insects. Plantingdiverseseed-producing nativewildflowersandgrasseswill sustainHarvesterAntsandin-turn feedthelizards.Baregroundmicro-trailsbetweenprairieplantshelp lizards camouflage with the soil, bask in the sun, and forage for ants. Helping restorehabitatforthisbelovedand charismaticreptileisoneimportant photo by Romey Swansonstep towards ensuring its future.8 n ativEa MEricanS EEd 800 728 4043'