b'After years of watching hopeful pond constructions followed by dismal failures to establish vegetation,these cool and warm season mixtures employ many hardy natives known to succeed the unique and often harsh environments found on upper slopes and detention basins. If you are planting in Fall - Spring, add Cereal Rye Grain (see p 24) at 50% of published rate. For example, for an acre: 100 lbs of Cereal Rye Grain with 18 lbs Dam Slope Mix & 16 lbs Upper Slope Wildflower Mix.GRASSES Sand Dropseed, Sand Lovegrass, WILDFLOWERS Blue Grama, Tall Dropseed, Little Bluestem,Clasping Coneflower, Indian Blanket, Plains Coreopsis, Green Sprangletop, Virginia Wildrye, Prairie Wildrye,Purple Prairie Clover, White Prairie Clover, Lemon Mint, Plains Bristlegrass, Sideoats Grama, Switchgrass,Partridge Pea, Prairie Goldenrod, Tall Goldenrod, Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem - Pineywoods,Swamp Sunflower, American Basketflower, Indiangrass, Buffalograss, Slim Tridens, BroomsedgeStiff Goldenrod, Texas Bluebonnet, Bluestem, Cane Bluestem, Cereal Rye Grain, CurlyGayfeather Blazing Star, Texas Yellow StarMesquite, Western Wheatgrass, Eastern GamagrassDam Slope Mix Item #2808 Upper Slope Wildflower Mix Item #1815Open Space 18 lbs / acre 25+ lbs $22.64 / lb Open Space 16 lbs / acre 25+ lbs $39.62 / lbLawn & Garden5,000 sf $120 / 5 lbsLawn & Garden1,000 sf $ 42 / 1 lb 1,000 sf $ 24 / 1 lb 200 sf $ 24 D-Pak125 sf $ 13 D-Pak 10 sf $ 6 PktFor areas that have periodic moist soils such as septic drainfields, drainage channels, or side slopes of detention basins. Native seed mixes below are selected for adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions. Cereal rye grain provides temporary quick cool-season cover to help meet county septic system ordinances. A perfect collection of colorful, healing diversity for damaged and disturbed wetland fringe areas. Consider planting together with taller, moisture-loving grasses for erosion control and habitat improvement along water edges.GRASSES | Tall Dropseed, Green Sprangletop, WILDFLOWERS | Clasping Coneflower, Prairie Wildrye, Cereal Rye Grain, Plains Bristlegrass,Black-Eyed Susan, Illinois Bundleflower,Big Bluestem, Virginia Wildrye, Buffalograss, Plains Coreopsis, Pink Evening Primrose, Red Lovegrass, Switchgrass, Broomsedge Bluestem,American Basketflower, Maximilian Sunflower, Eastern Gamagrass Cutleaf DaisyDrainfield Mix Item #2861 Wetland Fringe Mix Item #1807Open Space 36 lbs / acre 25+ lbs $17.92 / lb Open Space 9 lbs / acre 25+ lbs $36.79 / lbLawn & Garden3,750 sf $95 / 5 lbsLawn & Garden2,500 sf $39 / 1 lb 750 sf $19 / 1 lb 500 sf $19 D-Pak150 sf $12 D-Pak 15 sf $ 6 PktOrder Onlinewww.seedsource.com23'