b'Everything we do on the land is eventually reflected in a river. Thats why its so important to think about the whole landscape, how big & little pieces fit togetherSky Lewey ~ 1958-2022Howdy Sky, Could navigate with the best of emher kayak in the Hill Country riversIn all these years, never met anyone who could speak Texas Riversor halls in the Capitol at Austinlike you do! Been great fun and many good rides up and down those precious few that remain of our states Pristine Streams.Dont know how many see the light moments weve had together sharing river and prairie speak into one intricately woven basket. Your deep inside, practical understanding of how Remarkable Riparian areas function has put so many others on a path to stewardship. Understanding crucial connections of upland prairie grasslands, bottomland rivers and creeks is a rare quality todaywhen so many people spend their time rolling around on concrete.We always knew how the various elements must be connected and holistic. The bigger landscape-scale of ones watershed or river basin flowing through the eco-system is so important for each of us to know. From ridgeline to ridgeline and all that lies in between.While you keep sharing your big heart up yonder and riding the winds on every cloud, just want you to know a whole lot of us are gonna keep chippin awayhoping someday to also make that big break through.From your friends at the seed farm and the Neiman family.give to sky lewey RiveR pRotection fund hillcountRyalliance . oRgOrder Onlinewww.seedsource.com39'