b'Midway between the Edwards Plateau and the Trans Pecos. Midway between the tallgrass prairie and the Chihuahuan desert. There lies an oak savannah in transition. Midway Mix contains species well adapted to the Chihuahuan desert climates. These hardy drought tolerant species are survivors of future warmer drier climates. Midway Mix also contains first-rung species on the early-successional ladder that are useful in rebuilding the Edwards Plateau and the Rolling Plains. Short grasses make smooth transitions back to productive tall grasses with adequate rainfall, while keeping the soil covered.important attributes to prevent spread of invasive species. These short grasses have deep fibrous roots that work to enhance water quality and quantity. Sustainable palatability for managed livestock grazing.R esouRceM anageMentRain on hills in ages pastMade the soil and grew the grassThat fed the deer and buffaloNow cattle, sheep and goats, you know.When the grass was overusedRocks appeared and soil diffusedInto the river silt and sandThe Pecos and the Rio GrandeAnd moved toward the end, you knowTo fill the Gulf of MexicoNow if you have excessive stockAnd graze the hillsides down to rockThe soil your heirs should get, you knowIs in the Gulf of MexicoAnd your eternal price to payMay rest upon that judgement dayWhen God commands: You lay the track,Return the soil upon your back.Jake Landers, 1931 ~ protect water guard creeks,arroyos & riversprotect soilminimize lossprotect airvalue the woodavoid burninguse mulchersreturn carbonreseed nativesrestore earthScorchedEarthRecovery17'