b'Thunder Turf - 51 days oldMargaret, Austin TXSensible People are finding smaller areas Julie Moir Messervyconverted to native shortgrass turf a perfect alternative to conventional treadmill yawns!Cut maintenance time and costs NO repetitive mowing requiredNO extra watering once established NO fertilizer required NO diseases or pestsN ativeS uNt urf tM t huNdert urf tMBuffalograss & Blue Grama Buffalograss, Blue Grama & Curly MesquiteNative Sun Turf#2849 Sq Ft AreaPoundsThunder Turf#2863 Sq Ft Area PoundsValue Value200 sq ftD-Pak$27200 sq ft D-Pak $29l e ss t h a n l e ss t h a n13 c14 c $36 / lb 1,000 sq ft 3 lbs $129 1,000 sq ft 45.2 oz $1391,700 sq ft 5 lbs $189 1,700 sq ft5 lbs$1993,400 sq ft 10 lbs $3393,400 sq ft10 lbs $36925+ lbs$33 / lb25+ lbs p s pr qf qf e e sr Turf Lawn & Garden Seeding Rates:3 lbs / 1,000 sf 130 lbs / acreOrder Onlinewww.seedsource.com15'