b'5th graders, 35 years ago at the original Prairie Project in Blue Mound, Texas. The program was recognized by Jane Goodall, TX Gov. Ann Richards, Nickelodeon TV, Lady Bird Johnson and more. Mrs. Weaver, with other educators, taught over 1000 students at their 27-acre outdoor classroom from 1989 until 1999 when access was lost. The Discovery Lab breathes new life for the future. The district Administration Building uniquely houses the Lab, only one of its kind mixing student learning with the administrators.Deeply Connecting to Nature Im talking about simple forms of nature, like landscaping with prairie seeds. So many people Tricking ourselves into believing that we arecarry prehistoric fears and colonial desires to better connected now than in any other time inreign dominion over all living things, seriously history of mankind, we have morphed forests intofretting what will the neighbors think. wooden crossties, railroad steel and single strandWhat if the lawn is unkemptnot in pristine telegraph wire into tiny glass threads of fiberimmaculate order. optics and invisible signals into blue tooths. Mans attempt to control all the elements is futile. So many of todays people have mostly stoppedIts too easy to overheat and spin off the rails into seeing, walking, talking, and listening. Sometimesa death spiral. Lifeways designed by Madison feels like the masses are traveling on totallyAvenue puppet masters, direct people to act disconnected wavelengthstexting andhellbent on wiping clean all traces of the planets twittering away.remnant evolutionary native diversity. Once all our wild natives are gone, it is believed we have Its not hard to find highways, byways, and bikeconquered the devil. Our reward then is dominion ways crowded with well-educated, upwardlyover all living things, or what little is left of them. mobile, determined souls. Yet they havent a clue how to connect to natural beauty and theI cannot imagine living in such fear and darkness. ecological processes that surround them.We both thought it wouldve never come to this.'