b'B ookS/ r eSourceSWeve done the research so you dont have to - a selection of the best field guides andresources weve found for Texas and bordering regions. #6084 l ands tewardshiP for $50 Biologist & educator teamed up to write a B irds : a g uide forC tX practical guidebook on how to improve habitat W. Rufus Stephens & Wrede for birds 528 pp, softcover - revised edition#6066 a ttraCtingn ative $30 Learn the value of pollinators, how to create P ollinators nest sites and safe foraging areas, to identify The Xerces Society abundant and important bee species, create a pollinator-friendly landscape. 380 pp, softcover#6067 $18 Living in the country and taking care of the a B eginnersh andBook land involves issues many new landowners forr uralt eXas have not experienced before. This book helps l andowners small landowners enjoy their property and be Jim Stanley good stewards of the land. softcover#6076 B ees inY ourB aCkYard $30 Engaging intro to 4,000 different bee species J Wilson, O Messinger Carril found in US. Offers essential tips for telling them apart in the field.#6089 B iCYCling with $19 10,201-mile Journey Following Monarch B utterflies Migration. Equally remarkable, she did it solo, Sara Dykman on a bike cobbled together from used parts.#6088 B luestemg rasses intX $25 Identify native & alien bluestems to determine Clayton, Walsh, Redmon, Shaw whether they fit land management goals. #6072 B raidings weetgrass $19 Factual approach of science can be enriched Robin Wall Kimmerer by ancient knowledge of indigenous people.#6058 B ringingn atureh ome $20 There is a surprisingly important and relatively Douglas W. Tallamy simple step toward reversing the plunge in bio-diversity. 358 pp, softcover#6041 B rush andw eeds of $25 Pictures and descriptions of the whole plant, t eXasr angelands close-ups of the stem, flower, fruit and leaf all Hart, Rector, Hanselka, make identification easy & fast. 203 pp, soft-Lyons, McGinty cover#6027 B uildingw ithinn ature $25 To help you decide how to build on your site in Andy & Sally Wasowski a way that best preserves natural landscape.#6063 B utterflYg ardenening $35 Enjoy responsible beauty that butterflies bring fort eXas to any outdoor space! Includes tips to make Geyata Ajilvsgi your garden caterpillar and butterfly-friendly#6080 C ommonr angeland $45 Field guide and management reference forP lantsw estC entraltX 4 million acres in west central TX. Includes George Clendenin 200 plant species with color photos.#6051 C onduCtingP resCriBed $28 A step-by-step guide for anyone interested in f ires the "nuts and bolts" of implementing a pre-John R. Weir scribed burn. 182 pp#6017 e diBlew ildP lants of $25 Walking from Kansas to Colorado with an theP rairie elder, Kelly learned to find, harvest and pre-Kelly Kindscher pare native wild food plants. 340 pp, softcover#6082 f ieldg uide toC ommon $30 Range maps, color photos & detailed illustra-t eXasg rasses tions of 172 of the most significant common Hatch, Umphres, Ardoin grasses of Texas 300 pp, hardcover#6037 f lora ofe astt eXas $90 1600 species with great descriptions & illustra-Diggs, Lipscomb, Reed,tions for plant ID from I-35 east Tx border. OKennon 1594 pp, hardcover#6030 f loran orthC entraltX $90 Most comprehensive guide to ID native plants, Diggs, Lipscomb, OKennon covering large portions of Tx & Ok. Line draw-ings & color plates. 1626 pp, hardcover#6086 f loweringP lants of $89 First complete floristic treatment of all native t rans -P eCos& a dj areas and naturalized flowering plant species known Powell & Worthington to occur in Trans-Pecos 1464 pp, hardcover#6074 g ardening forB utterflies $25 Create a garden that flutters with life. Join the The Xerces Society effort to conserve butterflies and moths, natures kaleidoscopes with wings.g ardening withP rairieP lants $32 Ready to make the switch to native, naturally Andy & Sally Wasowski beautiful, low maintenance? Homeowners & 92#6029 commercial landscapers. 285 pp, softcover'