b'Your satisfaction is important to us! We want you to be totally pleased with our efforts and our products . GuaranteeIf your order has been damaged in shipping, contact us within ten days of receipt . We want to correct any errors or claims quickly . Native American Seed strives to provide you with seeds of the highest quality possible . Our seeds are tested by independent laboratories utilizing standards approved by the Association of Official Seed Analysts . We are committed to preventing the spread of invasive species and abide by state seed laws . With the variety and uncertainty of environmental conditions, we cannot guarantee the establishment of plants . Being our sole warranty we make no other, expressed or implied . Return within 10 days any unopened bags of seed not accepted under these terms . The purchase price of the seed is the limit of our liability . Prices and availability are subject to change. Components within our mixtures may vary slightly due to availability, especiallyin times of drought or flood . Acceptance of these seeds is an agreement they will not be used for breeding purposes with commercial seed increase, selected plant release or patent outcome . This work is plenty difficult when considering issues surrounding global trading and climate change .We are thankful for your understanding .Whenthe seed tells us its ready, we move in the equipment . Not as straightforward as it soundsharvesting equipment is designed for agricultural crops, not for differing sizes and shapes of wildflower and grass seeds . Weve spent years of tinkering and rigging and inventing and adjusting to make it all work .The story isnt over when the harvest is in . After the harvest is dry, it is ready to be cleaned . It is sifted through a series of screens and blowers carefully calibrated to separate out the seeds we want from the hitchhikers we are definitely not interested in . Then we send it off for testing, to be sure that the seeds are healthy and will work for you .Through disappointments and frustrations of equipment and weather, there are more than enough rare and fine moments to compensate . We get the opportunity to do the work we love! And our greatest pleasures come in knowing these seeds find new homes where they can begin to re-establish their balance in nature .Time to plant seeds for the future . . .and in times like these, it can be hard to know what to do . As always, we are grateful to have the harmonious rhythms of nature to shape our days . Now is the time to plant many of the grasses and wildflowers that are part of the "rainforest" in our area of the planet - the plains and prairies . Its time to reaffirm our faith that there will indeed be a future . A time to remind ourselves that each of us has the right and the responsibility to create little spots of health on an ailing planet . A time to do our part, in the hope that our children and our children\'s children might have a chance to experience the joys of watching the earth wake up from a long winter\'s rest to flower into a beautiful spring . Order before 11am &we\'ll ship same day www.seedsource.com at work for you 24/7 9'