b'Every so often I go visit these two old oak treesnow among the young people rising. Maybe down by the river. They speak to me every timeeven unknowingly, they are being tapped on the Im willing to listen. Individually, they eachshoulder from behind. Remember me, say the look to be about 500 years old. But living onlyold ones. 20 feet apart for so longcant help but notice they are well connected. I am reminded it isThese old oaks have mentioned this before. forbidden to look, but there could be a hugeThere really are some basic, core elements trunk underground here that is 1000 years old.that bind us all together. When we act with And maybe this whispering I hear is they bothgratitude and reciprocity ~ these elements are sprouted centuries ago from the same acorn. strengthened within us. The basic strengths that lead us to live together, as one.Looking and seeing, you will find wisdom is all around us. Been here all along. Not swayed oneHistory over thousands of years is chock full iota by shifting global markets on Wall St., norof what happens when an entire people lose fazed in the least by divisive political talkingtheir core, elemental strengths. With the same heads unloading continuous streams of toxicityaccuracy and precision movements of the sun, upon the people. stars and moon above, we all seek safety, comfort, and shelter. We all need nourishing food, clean Gently swirling among us is a connected spiritair and water. We are all capable of learningspeaking for all those who have gone beforefrom the day we are bornto care for the us. Intelligent voices whispering their claimschildren.to sense of place can be heard moving freely'