b'GRASSESh oodedw indMillg raSSChloris cucullata Named for Chloris, Greek goddess of flowers, associated with spring new growth. Produces copious and attractive blooms from May through October. Early successional species. Ideal for restoration plantings. Larval host plant for branded skipper moth & satyr butterfly. Provides fair grazing for livestock. Found in good quality quail habitat, from the Edwards Plateau, legendary genetics.Rangeland Seeding Rate 2 lbs / acreHeight 1-3 feetLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 5,000 sf Soil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXwMedium-MoistItem #2054 D-Pak $9 $99 / lbi ndiangraSSSorghastrum nutans Once a dominant prairie grass, Indiangrass puts out dramatic goldenplume-like seedheads on 2-foot stalks from September to November. Endures extreme drought and grows best in sand, loam and clay soils of bottomlands and the lower slopes of hills, in many regions from Canada to Mexico. Larval food source for butterflies, food & cover for turkeys. Excellent for grazing. Live roots available on p. 89Rangeland Seeding Rate 6 lbs / acreHeight 3-4 feetLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 550 sf Soil TypeSunlightSoil Moisture SandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXDry-MoistItem #2006 D-Pak $9 1-9 lbs $17 / lb 10-49 lbs $16.75 / lb 50+ lbs $16.50 / lb i nlandS eao atSChasmanthium latifolium Shade-loving, almost evergreen perennial grass with wide leaves. Excellent ornamental grass with distinct and attractive chevron seedheads. Often found thriving along creeks and river-banks in woodland areas, salt tolerant. Highly palatable to livestock, but can be easily grazed out. One of the few native grasses that grow well in moist and shady areas.Also in Shade-Friendly Grass Mix p. 10 Rangeland Seeding Rate 12 lbs / acre Height 1-3 feetLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 1,100 sf Soil TypeSunlightSoil Moisture SandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShade bl Medium MoistItem #2013 D-Pak $9l ittleB lueSteMSchizachyrium scoparium50 sfAt home on the range or in your yard, this beautiful blue-green bunch grass turns red-bronze after frost with fluffy, silver-white seeds. Reaches 2-3 ft at maturity with the seedhead adding another 1-2 ft in height. A foundation prairie species from Mexico to Canada. Provides excellent nesting cover for birds, and larval food source for butterflies. Local Texas Harvests, see page 18 Rangeland Seeding Rate 8 lbs / acreHeight 2-3 feetLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 500 sfSoil TypeSunlightSoil Moisture SandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXwDry-Moist Item #2003Dpak $10 / 50 sq ft1-9 lbs $15.95 / lb 10-49 lbs $15.70 / lb 50+ lbs $15.45 / lbOrder Onlinewww .seedsource .com37'