b'CONSERVANCY PKTS People become so happy when they find a job they really, really love. It becomes a matter of satisfaction. Native American Seed dedicated an area under an old heritage Oak tree on the farm for us to preserve memories for our special friends. Robert Martinez 1956-2017Item #C ommonn ame All$6Help preserve, protect and propagate unique native species SunlightquantitieseaCh CoverS20Sq ftlimited Habit Blm HeightBloomSoil Type Sunlight Item #C ommonn ameHabit Blm HeightBloomSoil Type Botanical NameClr Time Sand Loam Clay Caliche Sun . ShadeBotanical NameClr Time Sand Loam Clay Caliche Sun . ShadeP igeonberry P Rd 1 - 2\'May-Octwbl r attleSnakem aSterP Wh 8 - 20"Apr-JulXw3119 Rivina humilis 3 149Eryngium yuccifolium r edC olumbineP inCuShiond aiSyP Rd 1 - 2\'Mar-MayX 3098 P Red1 - 2\'Mar-May wbl3079 Gaillardia suavis Aquilegia canadensisitCher age3 073SCarletS age A R ed6 -30 M a y- O ctlPSP Ppl 2 - 3May-NovXw Salvia coccinea Xwb1025 Salvia azurea S hinyg oldenrodlateau galiniS3188 Yw2 - 4\'Sep-OctwblPa A Pk1 - 3\'Aug-Octw Solidago nitida P X3134 Agalinis edwardsiana S imPSon \' Sr oSinWeedP oSSumhaWh ollyFall BerriesXw3121 Silphium gracile P Yw4 - 6\' Jul-Oct X 317 7Ilex deciduaPYw Sm.Tree S nailSeedP rairiea galiniS TEMPO OUT 3129P Rd BerVineJul-Aug wbl1 008Xw Cocculus carolinusAgalinis heterophyllaA Pk 18"Aug-NovS PiderWort3 17 8 PRed22 - 28" May-JulX Tradescantia occidentalis P rairieg aillardia 3123 PPp 12 - 18Apr-JuneXw bGaillardia aestivalis t allg oldenrod3160P rairieg oldenrod3131 PYw3 - 5Sep-OctXw PYw 8 - 24 Sep-Oct X Solidago altissima Solidago nemoralis riaire ymPh 3086t urk \' SC aPSrbRed 2 - 3\'May-Nov XwblPn P Pp6-12"Mar-Maywbl Malvaviscus drummondii 3 1 76 Herbertia lahue 3151v elvetl eaFS enna310 4 P rairieP aintbruSh P Pp6 - 18" Mar-May w Senna lindheimerianaPYw 3 - 6\' Aug-OctXwCastilleja purpurea X9602 W aFera Sh P rairieP arSleyBYw2 - 3\' Apr-June X Ptelea trifoliata TreeWht 10 - 15AprilXwbl3156 Polytaenia nuttalli urPle alea PPpl4 - 12 Apr-MayX 3072 W ildh yaCinth XwbPd Camassia scilloides P Bl 1 - 2\' Mar-May 3185 Dalea lasiatheraW indFloWerP urPlel eatherF loWer PPpl Vine May-SeptXwb3050 P Bl 4 - 16"Feb-AprX3167 Clematis pitcheri Anemone berlandieriurPle ilkWeed ine3187 y elloWP uFF XPmv PPpl Vine Apr-JuneXw PYw6 - 18" May-Jun 3193 Matelea bifloraNeptunia lutea y elloWWiP urPlen ightShade PPpl1 - 2\' Apr-SepX3171ild ndigo PYw 1 - 3\' Apr-JunX3140 Solanum elaeagnifolium Baptisia sphaerocarpa Native American Seed is proud to continue offering these seeds, hand collected by friends & family who deeply care for their survival.S CarletS age J iMSonw eed h ookerSe ryngo l iMeStoneg aura d evilSC law P urPlen ightShade M orMont ea P rairien yMPh S nailSeed( vine ) P urPlel eatherf lower'