b'the Red and beyond the Pecos out yonderBuddha, Jesus, King, Lord, Ruler, Olmec, Toltec, towards El Paso del Norte What is it that weAztec, Mayan, Comanche, Kiowa, Wichita, still have in common? Apache, Coahuiltecans all of us. Catholic, Protestant, Quaker, Methodist, Muslim, bible Meantime, our so-called leaders have boutbelting planetary selves bumping up against divided us down the middle. I mean all of em.planetary neighbors. Not your side or my side anymore. Lately itsAll I can think of is that every precious drop of been about like taking big slugs of double-aughtwater around the parts where I live is headed buckshot in the gut. You know what Im talkinto one place, the mighty Gulf of Mexico. Been about. Surely we can find one tie that we canlike this my whole life. Like fightin on the West agree on to bind us. Bank of the Gaza Strip, nothing we have done We are so much more together than all thisyet has changed that geo-ecological reality. That standing alone. We are so far beyond the himsis just the way of it.versus the hers. Arent we all a little bit white,So with that settled and saying we can at least brown, black, red, tan and yellow? Straight,all agree on that realitywe have now come to blade-thin, crooked, gayful, trans, prayerful,a place that beckons us to listen and respond saturated fat, genetically modified grains of thetruthfully and heartfully to the young ones same comic dust. among us. For truthfully, the children are the only future we have. Overlooked and quiet for Just what is it that we all have in common? nearly 50 years, the powerful cry arising from Cant we agree on something?among todays youth is awakening some potent dormant energies from deep within humankind.photo by Dr. Tim Chandler'