b"WILDFLOWERSNEW Item #6087 Natures Best HopePublished Feb 2020 $29.95Plant more nativesIn this new book, Tallamy outlines his vision for a grassroots approach to conservation. Natures Best Hope shows how homeowners everywhere can turn their yards into conservation corridors that provide wildlife habitats. Because this approach relies on the initiatives of private individuals, it is immune from the whims of government policy. Practical, effective and easy. Gain specific suggestions to incorporate in your own yard. Help preserve our precious wildlife and the planetfor future generations. Item #6058$20s HowyM ilkweed Asclepias speciosaUsed by many tribes for making everything from rope to cloth to medicine this beautiful milkweed has a very interesting ethnobotanical history. Though once common, it was targeted for eradication because of it's perceived toxicity to livestock. This same toxicity is critical for the survival of monarch butterflies, it is now clear that the survival of both species are tied together. Share in the history & future by planting these seeds today. Found in high plains of Texas north to Canada and west to California . perennialExceptional quality. Hopes of reaching many helping hands. bloom MaySeptTogether we can ensure milkweeds and butterflies will always have a place.Photo by Carol Clarkheight 13' Soil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXMedium-MoistItem #3183 see p 60 - Native MilkweedD-Pak $291pkt$3Sustain the Migration Kit 1,500 seeds 10 seedss leePyd aisy Xanthisma texanumSometimes called Star of Texas. This hardy compact lemon-yellow wildflower puts on a show in the hot afternoon! Native to dry, open rangelands and stream banks from Mexico up to Oklahoma and western 2/3 of Texas to New Mexico and southeastern Arizona. Photo by William Freiheit LLELAAnnual seeding ratebloom AprNovPkt covers 20 sq ftheight 1 - 3 feet Soil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXwDry-MediumItem #3203D-Pak $291 pkt $6200 sf 20 sfs PoTTedB eeBalM Monarda punctataAttractive flowers and an unusual form make Spotted Beebalm worthy of inclusion in any native wildflower planting, not to mention it is easily propagated from seed. The light colored flower is sometimes spotted with purple. Pollinator favorite! Not grazed by cattle or browsed by deer and often forms extensive stands. Medicinal tea made from leaves.annualseeding ratebloom MayAugRangeland 2 lb per acreheight 13' Lawn & Garden 1 lb / 10,000 sfPhoto Bill FreiheitSoil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXDry-MediumItem #31361 lb $1951/4 lb $58D-pak $291 pkt $6 2,500 sf625 sf 20 sfOrder Onlinewww .seedsource .com77"