b"d on ' tl etl andw aSha way !Erosion easily occurs on bare soil exposed to rain or wind. Use of simple processes can enhance your ability to establish native vegetation from seed. Biodegradable erosion control blankets improve seedling establishment C aliCheM ix tM by holding newly planted seeds in place and moisture in topsoil. See pg 31Meet the harsh challenges of dry, thin caliche-type soils . Nativeperennialgrasseswillslowlystabilizevegetative cover . By planting in early spring you take advantage of natural rainfall to sprout the seeds . These natives should reach maturity in three growing seasons . Bronze, red, and golden colored seed-heads during the fall are a breathtaking additiontoyournativelandscape .Specialconsideration should be given to provide for erosion control, soil organic matter, and seed-to-soil contact .Caliche Mix can be planted in a large geographic range not necessarilylimitedtoareasdominatedbycalcareous (limestonebased)soiltypes.Itwasdesignedasacost effective solution for those sites that have undergone most extensivedisturbances .Generallytheseincludenearly bare, highly compacted and or nutrient poor soils in the western portions of Texas . Exposed subsoil or man-made berms,slopes,dykes,roadways,etc .alsoqualify . These problems are not just limited to Central and West Texas, they tend to follow us everywhere we go . Thespeciesworktogethertofirstholddownandthen gradually and naturally rebuild the soil . Over time the apex species will become dominant . When it absolutely has to work contractors have come to rely on Caliche Mix to help solve their most challenging landscape restoration problems. Hall's PanicumBlue Grama Indiangrass Red Lovegrass White TridensBuffalograss Little Bluestem Texas Cupgrass Sideoats GramaGreen Sprangletop Purple Three-Awn Sand Dropseed Slim TridensCurly Mesquite Prairie Wildrye Sand Lovegrass Cane BluestemCaliche MixItem # 2860Rangeland Seeding Rate 12 lbs / acre HeightLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 1000 sf 1-3 feet200 sf / $12 d-pak 1-9 lbs $19.95 / lb 10-49 lbs $18.95 / lb 50+ lbs $17.95 / lb22n ativEa MEricanS EEd 325 446 3600 Order Onlinewww .seedsource .com23"