b'Healing Sore Lands and Sacred HeadwatersIts 2020. What in the world have we done?El mar comienza aqui. The sea starts here.El mar comienza aqui. The sea starts here.El mar comienza aqui. The sea starts here.El mar comienza aqui. The sea starts here.Only three grandmas ago, tall prairie grassesBut, if we were to actually restore our and four-legged animals thrived on this sameenvironmentwho among us is behaviorally land beneath where we now park the cars,qualified to receive healed lands? Collectively, below the desks and dining tables at ourwhat would we do with ecologically homes, at work and in our childrens schools.functional forests, or climax tallgrass prairies, or headwater springs gushing up from these Whatlies within our peoples history thatsacred grounds 40 feet into the air? has brought us to such great dis-connectivity? What people would forego their waters, theIf we build it back like it was, will we behave basis of life? Tossed aside like a discarded flatdifferently than before?tirean old used carpet. Can we now find and see the power of hope and healing? It residesWill we finally become native to this place?in the palm of our hands.Can we come home to stay? Can we connect head, hands, and heart to bring about the paradigm shifts within us?Yes we can, if we are ready and able to form The ones begging to be set free.relationships with nature. Relationships based on reciprocity of giving and taking, For a great while, we cut down forests andstewardship based on saving all the pieces. consumed prairiesthinking once weveHonorable harvests. This is the time, for there taken what we want for our own use, we wontis no time.need those things anymore. No wonder they have all nearly disappeared knowing thatStanding on the shores looking backwe cared so little, for so long. upstream towards the Caprock, the Canadian,'