b'S hade -F riendlyG raSSM ix tM Packet covers 20 sq ft Add more diversity with a D-Pak covers 200 sq ftFinally . . .amixtureofnativegrassesforthe shade!Thesegrassesthriveunderdappled sunlight in and around woods and other areas ofshade .Mixtureofcoolandwarmseason speciesprovidesyearroundcover .Consider adding Shade Friendly Wildflower Mix (below) and Texas Wintergrass (p. 41).Shade-Friendly Grass Mix Item #2862Rangeland Seeding Rate 18 lbs / acre HeightLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 700 sf 1-4 feet150 sf / $18 d-pak $34 / lbgood for riparian areas too!Inland Sea Oats PurpletopPrairie Wildrye White TridensSideoats Grama Eastern GamagrassPlains Bristlegrass Southwestern BristlegrassVirginia WildryeS hade -F riendlyW ildFloWerM ix tMShade tolerant wildflowers make effective use of dappled sunlight in and around woods and other areas of shade . Mixture of annuals and perennials provide permanent cover year round .Purple Coneflower Winecup, PerennialLanceleaf Coreopsis Pigeonberry Golden-Wave Clasping Coneflower Cutleaf Daisy Butterfly WeedBlack-Eyed Susan Narrow Leaf Purple ConeflowerFrostweedShiny GoldenrodWinecup, Annual Pitcher SageBlue CurlsShade Friendly Wildflowers Item #4504Rangeland Seeding Rate 12 lbs / acreLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 2000 sf1 lb $49 D-pak $19 1 pkt $32000 sq ft500 sq ft 20 sq ftgood for riparian areas too!10n ativEa MEricanS EEd 325 446 3600'