b'GRASSESr edt hree -a wnAristida purpurea var. longiseta A native cool-season perennial grass. This grass establishes easily under adverse conditions and protects soil against erosion until later climax species of grasses take over. Red Three-Awn growth starts in early spring from seed. This threeawn is a good seed producer. The seedlings are vigorous. It grows readily on areas, such as old abandoned fields, oil-well locations, road cuts and cattle round-up grounds. Beautiful red colored awns!Height 6-20 inchesAvailable in d-paks only Soil TypeSunlightSoil Moisture SandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXDry-Medium Item #2055 D-Pak $9 S andd roPSeedSporobolus cryptandrus A perennial warm-season grass that grows in relatively small tufts or bunches, Sand Dropseed reproduces from small seeds and tillers. Seedheads appear around September. Commonly found on sandy, rocky and silty soils areas of the southern Great Plains across Texas and New Mexico and up through Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Moves in quickly on undisturbed areas. Nutritious grains have been used as food by Native Americans. Rangeland Seeding Rate 1 lb / acreHeight 1-4 feetLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 10,000 sf Soil TypeSunlightSoil Moisture SandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXDry-MoistItem # 2024 D-Pak $9 1-9 lbs $10.50 / lb 10-49 lbs $10.25 / lb 50+ lbs $10 / lb S andl ovegraSSEragrostis trichodes This bunchgrass produces a deep, dense root system. Grows best on sandy soils in the 18-35 rain belt, but can be planted on heavier soils. Begins its growth several weeks before other warm-season grasses, and is therefore an important food source for grazing animals. Seedheads are loose and open, standing 2 feet above the grass in early fall. Reproduces by seeds and roots, prefers full sun.Rangeland Seeding Rate 2 lbs / acreHeight 1-2 feetLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 5,000 sfSoil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXDry-MoistItem #2009 D-Pak $9 1-9 lbs $16.67 / lb 10-49 lbs $16.49 / lb 50+ lbs $16.33 / lb S ideoatSg raMaBouteloua curtipendulaThe official State Grass of Texas, this mid-sized plant is often found as an ornamental accent in residential and commercial landscapes, thanks to the pretty, oat-like seeds that appear along one side of its stems. Spreads by seeds and roots, and thrives alongside Little Bluestem in natural grasslands, well drained uplands, and the shallow soils of ridges and rocky areas. Found from Kentucky to the Gulf of Mexico. Turkeys use this versatile grass for food & cover, and it is a good larval food source for butterflies. Rangeland Seeding Rate 7 lbs / acreHeight 2-3 feet Lawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 500 sfSoil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXwDry-MediumItem #2004 D-Pak $9 1-9 lbs $15 / lb 10-49 lbs $14.75 / lb 50+ lbs $14.50 / lb Order Onlinewww .seedsource .com39'