b"Item #6089Bicycling with Butterflies$28Outdoor educator and field researcher Sara Dykman made history when she became the first person to bicycle alongside monarch butterflies on their storied annual migrationa round-trip adventure that included three countries and more than 10,000 miles. Equally remarkable, she did it solo, on a bike cobbled together from used parts.Upon my arrival the first time at the Native American Seed farm, I thanked Emily a 2nd generation farmer, the network that had connected us, and the monarchs that led me there. By going native, the farm team lets the plants tackle the hardest questions. Native plants, unlike non-natives, have adapted over millennia to survive the challenges of the land, without intervention. Texas natives can cope with the hot summers, the hungry herbivores, and the soil particular to Texas. They dont need pesticides, irrigation, or unnatural fertilizers. They work with nature, rather than against it. Their presence balances their ecosystem.The monarchs understand this. Native plants are the glue that holds their migration together. While other farms spray away the milkweed, Native American Seed embraces each plant and their monarch suitors. I saw more monarchs on a farm tour with Bill than I had in the two previous #9999 1 c AseP Astc AtAlogs free (apdays of riding.prox. 100) for artists & educators. Great neW Native American Seed field guide, color photos.#6083 n Ativeh ostP lAnts for $30 Descriptive info on 101 native larval host t exAsB utterflies plants, photos of both the caterpillars and adult Weber, Weber & Wauer butterflies and more! 244 pp, softcover#6092 n Ativeh ostP lAnts for $30 Moth species outnumber butterflies by about t exAsm oths fifteen to one! User-friendly, heavily illustrated, Jim & Lynne Weber companion book to Item#6083, softcover#6023 n Ativet exAsg Ardens $25 75 of the best native landscapes across Texas, Sally and Andy Wazowski residential & commercial. 185 pp, hardcover#6004 n Ativet exAsP lAnts $49 Landscaping Region by Region. New 2nd Sally and Andy Wazowski Edition. 407 pp, softcover#6087 N aturesB estH ope $30 A new approach to conservation that starts in Douglas W. Tallamy your yard. Plant more natives!#6055 o terom esAP reserving $25 Documents with full-color images 1.2 million a mericasW ildest acre landscape of remote Chihuahuan Desert g rAsslAnd grasslands.91 pp, softcoverGregory McNamee#6008 P Asture Andr Ange $29 Color illustrations. An easy to use guide to P Asture&P lAnts common prairie grasses & non-native species. r AngeP lAnts Phillips Petroleum 75 pp, hardcover#6075 P lAnt AP ocket$19 Inspiring childrens book about the endangered ofP rAirie prairie ecosystem and how we can help Phyllis Root, Betsy Bowen restore it, in our own backyards.#6068 P rAiriew ildflowers $17 Color illustrations of prairie wildflowers found Debora Young in north Texas and beyond 116 pp, softcover#6040 r AreP lAnts oft exAs $35 Color photos, an individual map of Texas Poole, Carr, Price, Sinhurst shows each species distribution along with extensive descriptions. 640 pp, soft cover#6048 r emArkABleP lAnts of $30 Fully appreciate how Texas' native plants have t exAs sustained people and animals for prehistoric Matt Warnock Turner times to the present. 320 pp, hardcover94n ativea MeRiCans eed 325 446 3600"