b'W hy thet rIbaln ames ?The offerings are named according to the regions numerous tribal people who once flourishedYou may see that the people before us identified themselves with the land and were native to itThe boundaries then were ecological, soft, flowing, giving and taking with respect You can help them flourish againMay you become nativeto your placeu a pacHep lateau tMeat el a h P n c Golden-Wave Gayfeather Standing Cypresse a och d Blooms spring, summer and fall.p C m Cda o a through summer and continues into the fall. Long blooming season, color starts in spring goes A Standing Cypress, Purple Prairie Clover, Golden-Wave, Greenthread, Indian Blanket, Cutleaf Daisy, Texas Bluebonnet, Yellow Prairie Flax, Gayfeathernamed to honor the people Apache Plateau Mix Item #1805who fought so hardRangeland Seeding Rate 20 lbs / acreLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 750 sf for these lands 1 lb $49 D-Pak $241 pkt $546750 sf 150 sf 20 sf'