b'Host Plants & Nectar. energy that fuels all migrations Epic migrations need more than just milkweed. Native milkweeds are host plants feeding monarch caterpillars. Diverse native plants provide pollinator habitat. see p.27p. 29p. 32p. 40p. 42Milkweed D-Paks5 Types Available Get specific to your eco-regionp ocKetp rairiec lose toH ome Pocket Prairies are small wildlife and insect refuges. Seed banks for the future. Returned to urban landscapes, native pocket prairies increase diversity of songbirds, bees, butterflies and native wildlife. Perfect in areas where natural habitat is limited. EcoSystem in a Bag value with diversity. Create dynamic and vivid pallets where all plants live in symbiotic balance to achieve common goals. Plant this native wildflower & grass seed mix anytime of year. Growth and restoration will begin with soaking rains. Choose a path of stewardship and a lifetime of wonder & learning.Benefits include:diverse warm & cool season mix Pocket Prairie Item #1818can be planted year-roundeasy to establish companion plantsD-Pak $24stronger survival, better adapted 450 sfsave time and money with one plantingan outdoor living space, pocket prairieBecome native solutions to common landscape problemswise choice for quality water and land to your place. Order Onlinewww.seedsource.com17'