b'photo by Randy Stephenss ustainaBleQ uail& D ovem ix tM D eerr esistantm ix tMphoto by John GleinserThese wildflowers are unpalatable and rarely eatenbydeer,growbackrapidlywhen nipped,andarearomatictoconfusetheir senses.Black-eyed Susan, Purple Prairie Clover, Lemon Mint, Extirpation of woody plants is happening allWhite Prairie Clover, Plains Coreopsis, Mexican Hat, acrosstheHillCountry.BesideslandGreenthread, Scrambled Eggs, Pink Evening fragmentation,onecauseistheexplodingPrimrose, Texas Bluebonnet, Prairie Verbena, deer population. What is Extirpation? ReallyAmerican Basketflower, Tahoka Daisy, Purple its a big word for local extinction. ConstantConeflower, Indian Blanket, Mealy Blue Sage, browsing by deer without any plant recoveryGayfeather Blazing Star, Butterfly Weed, time hinders seed production.Depletion ofHuisache Daisy, Gayfeather, White Rosinweedthe native seed bank of desirable plants willDeer Resistant Item #1812alterthelandscape;ultimatelyleavingtheRangeland Seeding Rate 18 lbs / acreleastpalatableplants.ThisiswherelandLawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 900 sfand wildlife management meet. Pkt $3.29 D-pak $24$49 / lb20 sf 200 sfConsider decreasing deer population numbers and restoring native habitat for longterm improvements to create healthy balance of wildlife. See firsthand, build a simple exclosure.Resources:Texas Wildlife Associationwww.texas-wildlife.orgBeginners Handbook for Rural TX by Jim Stanley see p. 92Photo of experimental exclosure proving grazing pressure by deer 6 months after devastating 2011 wildfire. Thank you, Scott Richardson.21'