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Range Plants of North Central Texas: A Land User's Guide to Their Identification

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6069 BOOK
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Ricky J. Linex

This book is more than just another plant identification book. It also contains good, relevant and practical information on the values and management of each species. It is more of a manual or handbook rather than an ordinary field guide. Landowners will become especially fond of the book, which contains useful information about grazing value, wildlife value and management tips.

Ricky Linex is a country-boy botanist and a skilled professional all wrapped up in one big package. He has made the study of plants his passion for the past 30 years. A genuine land steward will combine his knowledge of the land with an appreciation and respect for the land. This book helps to stimulate the reader to develop and deepen what Aldo Leopold called a "land ethic". This version is paperback.