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Public Speaking

Public Speaking with Native American Seed

Our expert staff presents on topics like site preparation, invasive species removal, transitioning to native turf, Texas Horned Lizard restoration, economic value of native plants and our restoration philosophies. 

Bill Neiman has spoken to dozens of groups in the Southwest and around the country, sharing anecdotes, insights and knowledge that he has gathered over many years of experience. He has spoken to garden clubs, church groups, scientists, and gatherings of people like himself, who are committed to building a sustainable and harmonious relationship to the land.

For more information about Bill and his public speaking experience, see his biography.

George Cates' speaking experience includes a diverse array of groups from Texas Master Naturalists to government agencies to landscape architects. His many years growing native plants and experience restoring native ecosystems across Texas give his presentations unique insights into the technical side of native planting projects. He mixes a little dry humor with his deep understanding of the biology to engage audiences from different backgrounds.

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