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US Army Corps of Engineers / San Antonio River Authority, City of San Antonio - San Antonio, Texas:
Intensive urban wildlife habitat restoration on highly degraded, severely sloping stream banks along one mile of the San Antonio River near the historic downtown district. Included an extensive effort to eradicate dominant invasive species such as Johnsongrass, and then re-establish the site with a palette of native grasses, wildflowers, trees and vines. NEI has provided technical input to correct a number of design deficiencies in the project, as well as playing a key role in coordinating and making presentations to various city agencies and community groups. Construction and maintenance activities will continue through 2008, and NEI will produce an Operations and Maintenance Manual to be delivered to city parks management staff at the conclusion of the project.

An aerial image of Henke Wildlife Ranch.

Henke Wildlife Ranch

NEI designed seed specs and installation procedures to qualify the owner to receive a USFW Foundation grant to restore native habitat. Also accomplished the planting in a record eight days on this abandoned, worn-out watermelon farm in deep South Texas brush country.

An archive photo shows a student holding up a bag of seed

Composite Technology Industries (W.R. Grace) - Fort Worth, Texas

In 1991, NEI undertook reclamation of a 28-acre site next to CTI that had been previously used as a dumping ground. This ongoing project under Neiman's leadership was developed in coordination with students and teachers from the nearby elementary school, and serves as an "outdoor classroom." In 1993 it won a national award for excellence in developing environmental curriculum for grades K-5. The project was featured in a television documentary by the Nickelodeon channel in 1995 and '96. Neiman continues the educational components of this project thanks to a working grant from the Rainwater Foundation of Fort Worth, Texas.

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1600+ Ranch in Central Texas:
NEI developed a long term land management plan to establish a perpetual mitigation land bank as recognized by the USFWS. Two species of endangered neo-tropical songbirds, two species of endangered cave beetles and a single endangered specie of salamander have been documented through extensive biological monitoring. The acreage is also a haven for native whitetail deer and Rio Grande wild turkey. An extensive Karst cave component overlays the aquifer recharge zone, and native grassland restoration efforts are progressing through a variety of soils and topography. NEI prepared, enrolled, and maintains the "wildlife exemption" plan on file with the appropriate county appraisal district.

New Bremen Reserve - Wildlife conservation based residential development near Houston:
This 460-acre site will be divided into five exclusive homeowner tracts, with native wildflowers, grasses and woodland corridor riparian areas as featured amenities. NEI performed and coordinated in-depth vegetation and wildlife surveys, with design and reintroduction of 66 native prairie species on the site. We also compiled and narrated a multimedia presentation for a meeting of investors. The project continues into the future with long-term management oversight responsibilities.

IBM Corporate Land Bank - Dallas, Texas:
Neiman Environments, Inc. implemented a long-term restoration of approximately 1100 acres of waste farm land owned by IBM. It was prepared and planted to native prairie grasses, wildflowers and trees. Project began in 1987, and ongoing long-term management of the land continued until 1997 when the land base was sold for urban development.

Texas Tech University - Satellite campus, Junction, Texas
NEI was called in to supervise and help implement a riverbank restoration project along the South Llano River in the winter of 1999-2000. Several government agencies on the local, state and national levels were also involved in the project, which was staffed by a group of young volunteers from AmeriCorps.

Roadside Beautification Project - Interstate 37, Texas:
A contractor hired by the Texas Highway Department for this job used NEI's specialized equipment and expertise for a roadside wildflower planting along IH37, extending over 250 acres across 12 counties.

Meadowbrook Farms Golf Course - Houston, Texas:
Golfer Greg Norman wanted to use native prairie plants in the non-play areas of this course west of Houston, so NEI was chosen to assist in the design and implementation of the project. Intensive planning was needed to integrate the work into the timelines and special demands of golf course development, including an education component to familiarize the course designers with the characteristics of the plants.

U.S. Department of Energy - Ellis County, Texas:
In 1992 NEI was chosen to develop a twenty-year land management plan covering the 8000 acres acquired for the Superconducting SuperCollider project near Waxahachie in Ellis County, Texas. The plan included a proposal for the largest prairie restoration project ever undertaken, the creation of a major public education program, and the set-aside of sites to explore the possibilities of sustainable agricultural practices. Custom harvesting of local prairie remnants and planting on the SSC site was accomplished prior to the decommissioning of the project by the U.S. Congress.

Thomsen Foundation - Montague County, Texas:
C.J. Thomsen dedicated this 300 acre site in the Western Cross Timbers (prairie/savanna) for study of of native grasses, wildflowers and plants. Neiman Environments, Inc. was selected to handle design, implementation, and long term management of the large scale grassland areas and many of the wildflower areas. Bill Neiman annually leads fifth grade student field trips to the Foundation.

Parkhill Prairie - Collin County, Texas:
Restoration work was done on this blackland prairie northeast of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex during the late 1980's. This project was funded by a cooperative effort of the voters of Collin County, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the Texas Nature Conservancy. Neiman Environments, Inc. was chosen to custom harvest native seeds from nearby prairie remnants and to conduct site preparation and planting at Parkhill.