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Local Retail Partners

Support Local and Become Native to Your Place

Native American Seed is has retail offerings of native wildflowers and prairie grasses in hermetically sealed (to ensure quality & freshness) packages. Lawn & garden packages include abundant seeds to economically plant each section of the landscape! Plentiful wildflower packets feature local photographs from real images of the prairies that remain. 34 years of experience and proven success, our Native American Seed packets have plentiful seed counts. Perfect for creating pocket sized pollinator, hummingbird and butterfly habitats. Easiest and most economical way to establish diversity.

Retail locations listed are a resource for water conservation, responsible beauty and wildlife habitat. Please support sustainable landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

Retail Partner Spotlight


Become a Native American Seed Retail Partner

Natural Gardners in Austin, Texas.

Help your customers restore the Earth.

We love our retail partners! YOU are on the front lines of residential and urban rewilding. By helping educate the general public and shift focus from water guzzling landscapes to pollinator oases, YOU make a difference every day. Your staff can empower homeowners and raise awareness about how small efforts, made collectively can positively change things for seven generations.

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