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Ecological Services

Our Restoration Philosophy

After starting in traditional landscaping, our founders, Bill and Jan Neiman, had a paradigm shift in their thinking. It's all about water. It always has been in Texas. They made the decision to dedicate their lives and business to ecological habitat restoration. Decades of plant and landscaping knowledge steeped in ethical sustainability allows us to guide our clients through their native planting projects with stewardship for future generations in mind.


Climate change induced weather extremes and water scarcity will continue, how can we build resilient ecosystems that will thrive into the future despite extreme conditions? Our answer is native plants and allowing them to perform their ancient duties. 


NAS is a family owned and operated company with a deeply held mission to restore our nation’s native ecosystems with sustainably grown seed and to educate people on how to do it for themselves. Look ahead seven generations, will they have clean water, air, and beautiful spaces to take refuge?


We understand that projects often demand a balancing act between varied expectations. We follow Mother Nature’s lead. She abides no human clock, calendar or schedule. We align your goals and expectations for your land with what occurs in natural cycles. 


Touch the earth and quietly listen to what she has to say. 

Our Process

Boots on the ground approach to site selection, analysis and planning. 


Prepare the land to accept native seed. 


Match seed application methods to site specific needs.


Manage weeds and observe as planting establishes. 


You may be asking, does the size of my land allow me to consider using your services?

Any size of land that can be restored to native vegetation is a great and lasting gift to the future. But if you are considering restorations upwards of a few acres, Neiman Environments provides valuable, money saving guidance. Over the years we have been involved in the planning and/or execution of restoration projects including:


1. long-term land management on corporate land banks
2. recent or potential land acquisitions
3. city parks, open spaces, green belts, landfills
4. riparian and stream bank restorations
5. golf course roughs and out-of-play areas
6. outdoor educational sites and nature centers
7. wildlife refuges and state parks
8. land retired from agricultural and ranching uses
9. hiking and biking trails
10. flood control projects
11. community beautification projects
12. transportation projects including highway and railroad right-of-way plantings
13. ranchlands engaged in eco-tourism, recreation, hunting and sustainable grazing
14. lands converting from agriculture tax status to wildlife conservation status

Please feel free to call or email us with any preliminary questions you might have about whether the consulting and restoration services of Neiman Environments are right for you. We are also available for consultations prior to a major land purchase.

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