b"s CarleTs ageSalvia coccineaHardy and versatile, this tough plant can thrive in a wide variety of conditions. It can be evergreen in southern regions in the winter, and is quite happy to grow in dappled sunlight under the trees. We have it around our guest cabin at the farm, where it attracts hummingbirds throughout the summer. Its deer resistant, too.perennialseeding ratebloom MayOctRangeland 8 lb per acreheight 630 inchesLawn & Garden 1 lb / 1,200 sfSoil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShade wblXMedium-MoistItem #30731 pkt $6 20 sf100%P uren ativeS How to measure lifes dormant energyLong ago we dedicated our work to restoring integrity in Information loads are sometimes overwhelming. We are dedicated relationships between people, land, water and plants. Work and lifeto maintain high levels of integrity. We use independent seed testing have always been about connections of all kinds.laboratories, certified to follow national rules established by the Association of Official Seed Analysts. Pushin' over 40 years in this work. Sifting thru lifes essence embedded in this thing called The Seed Test. Tests are absolutelyIndependent testing simply helps us verify purity and germination of basic, essential rules, modern numerical measurements of qualityour native seeds. But testing also gives us an official look for any and health. Seed Tests shine light onto the viability of seeds.bad weeds. We work hard to prevent contaminating our products. When we receive that seal of approval, we know that our part to Seed Tests include purity, germination, weeds, and other crop. Testprevent spreading alien species across the land has been done. information coupled with seed counts per pound is used to calculate seeding rates. Work the numbers. Arrive at a place known as PureIntegrity of our seeds comes from the 100% Pure Natives Only Live Seeds per square foot.that we grow. Its how we manage weeds on our farm. It comes from closely evaluating the integrity of our conservancy prairie Today, our team pushes the numbers a step further by adding yearsharvest sites. Working on lands that have never been plowed of horticultural experience. Embedded within our high diversityrequires a high level of mutual respect, stewardship and a sharp mixtures, we run a ratio of evenness. This extra step helps useye on details of the smallest particles. Our equipment is kept sterile balance characteristics of each species planted per square foot.and clean to protect these rare lands from contamination. We never When able, we dial back aggressive native plants and give meekuse our farm equipment, harvesters or seed cleaning equipment to plants a little boost. providing enough space for all to coexist.process alien species. We know by heart the discipline required to We test every lot of seed. make an honorable harvest. What goes on in the seed world is important & worth talking about.Native American Seed is committed to offering 100% Native, American Grown, Free of Invasive Species and Filler. We encourage you to research, plant, save and share our seeds. We do not accept or appreciate GMO, patenting, licensing, or royalties.We do appreciate the need to protect registered names. Weve had impersonators infringe on our product names such as Blackland Prairie Mix.Unfortunately, they include alien Plains Bluestem ( a.k.a. King Ranch on steroids ) in their version of the product. Just like buying good food, read the label or know your farmer.Seeds are the essence of life. The Law of the Seed by Vandana ShivaAvailable Online:SeedSource.com/LawOfSeed.pdf76n ativEa MEricanS EEd 325 446 3600"