b'Thought world was gonna stop.Then, we reconsidered:Whats really important?Working with the land around here last 45 years or so,But we keep at it, working together. Knowing you are it looks a little clearer day by day. We spend so muchhere, a member of earths family, makes us partners in of our energy with the whatthinking all alongthis pivotal moment. Count us as being all-in. There weve got the target in sight. Then, all of a sudden, itis not really another planet ready or handy to receive hits. Learning its not what, but when, that counts. types like us.Used to think home is what we were all shootin for.These days, seeing just how the role of each person By bringing it all back home, piece by piece workingplays into the bigger scheme of life, we are clearly together, we are all doing some good. Puttin it backready for some big shifts. Some of us have always like it was. Never been easy, but sure is fun to beventured towards the edges, looking out, furthering fixin this and fixin that. We know how to make birdsthe view ahead. To put it all in perspective now smile and butterflies show up to a pollinator party.requires us to look and see the defining lines.We know how to hold land from eroding, capture rain with prairie grass, and filter pure water by helping itWhen we see a fracture, we are better positioned to soak downwards into the aquifer.heal the crack.All the while, everybody knows whats not everOut west in El Paso town, the pavement eventually gonna be easy to fixtheres just too darn manyends, as it does in most all towns. Get down on your of us.The masses seem so razor focused on theknees, its right there in plain sight. The stark line objective. Hell-bent on feeding the System,where the city stops. Little people, being closer to the producing toxins and disease faster than ourearth, readily see these lines. Slowly raise your view dwindling native prairies and old growth forests canto the horizon, where the desert and mountains have clean it all up.no ends. Ahh, now thats home. When asked, Hey man, have you heard the house isWhy do we wall off the beauty that is so sustaining? on fire? What are you doin? it gets eerily quiet.When will we allow it back into our lives? We could really make our spaces so vibrant and livable.Not a lot of responders on some of the bigger-question, large-scale, long-term issues. Too many takers, notAs a young boy, growing up on the edge of Big D, nearly enough leavers.a town near Love Field, I knew where all my local'