b'Becoming native to your place is really aboutThey deserve our reciprocity and gratitude. Their tiny belongingnot only to place but also to time, tuningbundles contain all the information needed on how in to an ancient rhythm. We are surrounded by ato survive exactly right here, right now, without any highly attuned natural world. We are a part, but notwaste of precious resources. We find it best to ask the center of it. before taking these resources from nature.Here at the farm on the banks of the Llano River, we We pause, listen to her for an answer before we act: know each season offers unique cues and commandsNever take all the best. Always leave some for the that always seem to come from a higher power. Anrest. There are many other beings that are relying on authority so perfectly synchronizedthis time ofus to share. year, we pick up our stride to give it our best, to serve. Along the way, we have learned it is futile toMonths from now, as in seasons past, that old hot resist or try to change natures timing. That wouldsun will give us free energy while helping to dry be akin to trying to change the weather.Somethe harvest. When time is ripe, we begin sorting and people say, Timing is everything, but here we say:shaking, winnowing with the winds, separating seed Everything is timing.from chaff. Days and nights, moons and stars, the highs andSounds easy. Never ending. Then testing, packing, lows, the ebbs and flows are all perfectly timed inbagging, stacking, stocking, all in a harmony of a powerful rhythm. Each day is its own happy Newhuman motion. Fields turned and rotated, and we Years Day. Every day always brings somethingbegin again with the end. Seamless. Annually. ending and starting, sprouting and decaying, dyingPerennially.and birthing. We do our parts, placing seed to the earth. The winter sun gives way, rises higher inThe best care is ready now, to be given to you. From the sky, warming the soil. Rains come and go. Weone caring person to another. We all belong to a irrigate, we hoe, we till and toil, all in a rhythm.unique place on earth. Your time and contributions on Doing our best to dance and synchronize with her, thethis land are special. The accumulative effect gives mother, the earth. When we live with gratitude, quietpurpose and meaning. and gentle commands direct the way. Seeds show us meanings, life and death.You know its time to come home. Being home is priceless.~ Bill Neiman, 2021'