b'l azyd aisyAphanostephus sp. WILDFLOWERSFor early spring blooms, this short annual provides a sparkling white ray-like flower with a bright yellow center. Abundant in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, southern Mississippi, Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida.annual seeding ratebloom: Mar - Aug Rangeland 1 lb per acreheight 4 - 16" Lawn & Garden 1 lb / 6,000 sfSoil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXwMediumItem #3064 1 pkt $320 sfSwallowtail Butterflies on Lemon Mint photos by Amber Leungl eMonM inTMonarda citriodora This native annual grows from Missouri to Kansas to Mexico.Aromatic foliage makes this plant deer resistant. Citriodora is used as a natural insect repellent. Native Americans incorporated the use of its leaves for edible greens, seasoning, and an aromatic tea.annual seeding ratebloom: May - July Rangeland 3 lb per acreheight 1 - 3\' Lawn & Garden 1 lb / 5000 sfSoil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXwWell DrainedItem #1006 1 lb $891/4 lb $291 oz $141 pkt $31,200 sf300 sf 20 sfl iMesToneg aura Gaura calcicolaThe Latin name calcicola means dwelling in lime, which properly describes this colorful flower. It is very tolerant of poor soils and harsh growing conditions. Also sometimes called Texas Beeblossom.perennialseeding ratebloom MayJunPkt covers 20 sq ftheight 12\'D-Pak covers 200 sq ftSoil TypeSunlightSoil MoistureSandLoamClayCalicheFullPartialDappledShadeXDry-MediumItem #30961 pkt $6 20 sfOrder Onlinewww.seedsource.com69'