b'Milkweed Seeds come to lifeNatural conditions have germinated milkweeds for millenia. Last years seeds laid on the ground all winter. Prolonged exposure to cold-moist soil is key; this is called cold-stratification.Then in nature, spring comes along and they sprout all by themselves. Nobody even had to water them.2 ways to sprout milkweeds:1) Direct plant into soil during summer or fall. Sit back, enjoy.2) Cold-Stratify seeds in the fridge: Start about 30 days before last frost.Seriously, wash your hands. Gather a clean container with lid or ziplock bag, spoon, strainer, bowl, vermiculite, plenty of filtered or distilled water. Please, no chlorine. Soak seeds in water overnight in fridgeUsing strainer over sink, rinse seedsPut vermiculite in bowl, add just enough water to moisten books: see p 92Add wet seeds to moist vermiculite and stir Put seed mixture in sealed containerPlace inside fridge for 14 - 45 days*Direct plant, no more than 1/2 deep - vermiculite and allRead Water Talk on page 99.*Ideal planting day is cloudy, just before rain60Order Onlinewww.seedsource.com 61'