b'Erosion easily occurs on bare soil exposed to rain or wind. Use of simple processes can enhance your ability to establish native vegetation from seed. Biodegradable blankets improve seedling establishment by holding newly planted seeds in place and moisture in topsoil. Plant Fall thru Spring e roSionC ontrolB lanketS& a nChorSWood Fiber Erosion Control Blanket Item #7059 6" Staples Item #7057100% biodegradable erosion blanket made from uniqueTo secure your erosion control interlocking, curled, aspen wood fibers. This highblanket. Just hammer in place. quality blanket is manufactured without poly-nettingsNOT made for rocky ground.which can entrap wildlife such as lizards and snakes.Qty 100per 4ft Blanket ~4 lbs$19Perfect for holding seeds on slopes, channels andQty 200per 8ft Blanket ~8 lbs$25erodible areas. "I convinced my company\'s mgmt to forbid the use of poly-net materials on our 500-mileQty 1000large box ~37 lbs$64pipeline project "- JWK, Environmental Manager4\' Rollx 90ft (360 sq ft)~34 lbs$95 8" Spikes & Caps Kit Item #70758\' Rollx 90ft (720 sq ft)~68 lbs$139NEWspecial shipping required for 8 roll, call for quote Essential in hard, rocky ground for 4\' Roll 100% natural product anchoring erosion blankets. Using a Made in USA 3 lb hammer, drive each spike thru small projectscap into ground to secure blanketeasy shippingQty 100per 8ft Blanket ~25 lbs$69Staple DriverNEW Item #7085 4" Biodegradable StaplesNEW Item #7084Greatly expidites installation ofTo secure erosion control blanket. biodegradable staples. At 200Hammer or use staple applicator. staples per blanket, our crewBiodegrades in 8-24 months from quickly figured out this stand upmicrobial activity. Water resistant. easy-to-use driver can really saveNOT made for rocky ground.your back! No bending, squattingQty 100per 4ft Blanket ~2 lbs$33or crawling while hammeringQty 200per 8ft Blanket ~3 lbs$55staples. Video on our website.Staple Driver$99 Qty 1000large box ~13 lbs$169Order Onlinewww.seedsource.com31'