b"M idWayM ix tM nature's short grasses 32S y s t e mi n aSideoats Grama Arizona Cottontop Halls Panicum o B aSand Lovegrass Hooded Windmill Grass Mealy Blue Sage c gGreen Sprangletop Curly Mesquite Red Lovegrass ETSand Dropseed Texas Grama Plains Coreopsis species MPrairie Wildrye Red Three Awn Reverchon BristlegrassPlains Bristlegrass Texas Cupgrass Hairy GramaBuffalograss Tall Grama Plains Lovegrass Slim Tridens Huisache Daisy Grays FeverfewWhite Tridens Cane Bluestem Texas WintergrassWestern Wheatgrass Prairie Coneflower GreenthreadPurple Three Awn Slender GramaMidway Mix Item #2804Rangeland Seeding Rate 10 lbs / acre Height Lawn & Garden Seeding 1 lb / 1000 sf 6-18 inches200 sf - $11 / d-pak 1 - 9 lbs$29.95 / lb10-49 lbs$29.50 / lb 50+ lbs$29 / lbItem #6080 Common Rangeland Plants of West Central TexasZnobia recommends!$45Well-managed ranch lands or rangeland in Texas capture the rain that permeates our soils, sustains creeks and rivers, and replenishes aquifers, which, in turn, water our cities. The stewardship of the region is the focus of this bookthe largest contributing watershed in the Colorado River Basinviewed through the lens of its plant communities. This field guide and management reference to four million acres of rangeland in the Concho River watershed of west central Texas offers general descriptions of more than 200 plant species, including information about the plants growing period, growth form, livestock and wildlife value, and special management issues. Accompanying photographs give the reader an idea of not only what the plant looks like on the range but also which identifiable features, such as flowers, fruit, or leaf shape, are most important to that particular plant."