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Trees, Shrubs And Vines Of The Texas Hill Country

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6053 BOOK
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Jan Wrede

If you think of the Texas Hil Country as mostly dry limestone slopes of cedar and scrub oak, prepare to have your eyes opened. The Edwards Plateau, upon which the Hill Country sits, is also a land of lush cypress-lined streams, diverse thickets, and shady hardwood bottomlands. Edged by canyonlands and intersected by creeks, these rocky hills support an abundance of tree, shrubs, and vines that provide wildlife and create a distinct and durable landscape. 125 species of mostly native, woody plants of Texas Hill Country. Plant descriptions contain information about the leaves, flowers, fruit, and bark of each plant and also give insights into the species' range and habits. A color photograph accompanies each account. A comprehensive plant chart with tips about color, scent, flowering period, height, site preference and wildlife and livestock utilization is included. 259 pp (second edition)