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Free-Flowing Hand Operated Seed Slinger

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7063 EQPT

Hand Operated for Free-Flowing Seed. One step up from "feeding the chickens" and a lot easier on your back! Corrosion, tear and weather resistant nylon bag hold up to 25 pounds of seed. Ideal for planting Buffalograss in the spring or Texas Bluebonnets in the fall. Not for use with chaffy seed mixtures. Simple yet effective. Planting tip: Seed slingers disperse seeds on the surface of the soil, rake in for better seed to soil contact. Looking for a seed slinger that works with chaffy / fluffy seed? If you are doing a large planting or will be doing native seed plantings over several years, it's worth it to invest in one of these seed slingers with pickerwheel technology: Hand Operated All Seed Types ATV Electric Operated All Seed Types Weight: 2 lbs (plus seed)