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Planting Tips, Resources and More

Native American SeedNative American SeedNative American Seed

Planting Tips, Resources and More

Native American Seed Facebook Page

We try our best to keep adding new things of interest to our facebook page, but we keep getting too busy with life on the ground to tend to our "virtual life" as often as we'd like. If you've got stories to share about your own experience in restoring the earth, tending a native garden, or just have a question you'd like answered by somebody who has been there, please email us! We'll be happy to post your stories / questions / experiences for others to see. Please note that we first screen comments on existing facebook postings (mostly to keep out spammers) but as soon as we receive notice of a new comment, we generally publish it right away. Go to Native American Seed Facebook Page

Wildflower Planting Tips

A down-to-earth article on how to get started planting wildflowers, plus answers to the most common questions we've collected over the years. Author Bill Neiman says, "I like to watch nature and see how I can fit in. I don't have much luck trying to make nature fit my schedules...Read More

Native Grass Planting Tips

Find out how you can establish a native lawn, and begin to free up your weekends for something more rewarding than pushing a lawnmower or applying fertilizers and pesticides! "Planting methods are similar to wildflowers. Some differences are... Read more

Links to More Resources

The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to find information and help related to practically everything they might be interested in. Here's a list of our favorite Web sites with brief descriptions of what you'll find there, from the use of native plants for landscaping to some of the ecological and environmental issues that concern us all. Resources

Pollination -- Century 21 Style

by Dave Green One of the many benefits of re-introducing native plants to the landscape is to restore the food and habitat needed by our natural pollinators like bees and butterflies. Here's an article about what some producers are doing about it. We can all stop using insecticides indiscriminately, and "take a bee to lunch." Read more