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Milkweed, Monarchs & More

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6059 BOOK
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Rea, Oberhauser & Quinn

A diverse natural community thrives in the milkweed growing along our highways and woodland edges; in our open fields, fragmented prairies and vacant lots; and in our lovingly tended gardens. Several kinds of insects depend on milkweed as a food source. The best known of these are the monarch butterflies whose late summer generation graduates from milkweed nurseries all over North America to join in an impressive migration. Many fly 2,000 miles or more from the northern United States and Canada to mountains in the Mexican states of Mexico and Michoacan. That incredible accomplishment by such a small, seemingly delicate creature has captured our imaginations and awakened many of us to the milkweed community. We invite you to explore the milkweed growing in your neighborhood for a fascinating glimpse into the complex interdependence of life on our planet. In the six years since the publication of the first edition, Milkweed, Monarchs and More has found its way into classrooms, homes, and nature centers. The larger type and pictures are in response to requests for a larger format - more classroom friendly for student reports and easier on older eyes. The authors have also updated many of the sections, and added more information on milkweed. 76 pp