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Diamond Petal Primrose

Oenothera rhombipetala

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1 Ft - 3 Ft Height




Blooms May - Sep

Soil Type


Soil Moisture

Dry Soil Medium Soil Moisture




What's the Seeding Rate?

**LAWN & GARDEN: High density rate improves fill and establishment while reducing weed opportunity **OPEN SPACE: Economical rangeland density for larger acreage but requires longer establishment period

Lawn & Garden:

1 LB covers 25000 sq ft

Open Space:

1 LB per acre

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$6.00 - $189.00

This elegant looking plant, sometimes called Four Point Evening Primrose, is ready to step into action as soon as the spring flowers are fading from view. Its bright yellow blooms, which can be up to 3" in diameter, will take over the show for you. Each petal is diamond, or rhomboid-shaped. Several blooms open at once on each stem, and there are several stems per plant, so it isn't at all timid in its appearance. The native Texas habitat for this plant is sandy soils in fields and sunny edges (high or dappled shade), especially in the northern half of Texas. However, it is found growing happily as far north as Wisconsin. It will grow in loamy soil, as long as it is well drained. For your home landscape, it's best to plant Diamond Petal Primroses in a newly prepared area rather than well-established sites, as it doesn't do well with a lot of competition. In nature, it's most often found on bare areas. When a plant has seeded out, cut it back. Don't pull it out, because if the winter is mild, it might bloom again the next year. The plant is airy enough that new seedlings will come up under the parent plant to keep it going.