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Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story

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6093 BOOK
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Ben Masters, Katy Baldock, Jay Kleberg

The film Deep in the Heart is a visually stunning celebration of Texas’ diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife found nowhere else. Narrated by Matthew McConaughey, the film aims to conserve our remaining wild places, to show the connectivity of water and wildlife, and to recognize Texas’ conservation importance on a continental scale. Watch official trailer & find screenings:

The 250-page Deep in the Heart coffee-table book is a deeper dive into the wildlife and conservation stories showcased in the movie. Written by director Ben Masters and producers Katy Baldock and Jay Kleberg, the book contains the best images captured during the three years of production and is a visual journey through Texas’ diverse eco-regions.

First met Ben in San Antone. He and Jay Kleberg test screened their documentary The River and The Wall (SXSW 2019 Award Winner) on the members at a Texas Wildlife Association luncheon. They made a gutsy bold stand against the darn border wall. I knew then the young Fin & Fur people are destined for something big. In winter of ‘23, a couple of us from the seed farm found ourselves with Ben out West ... high up on a wildlife trail at 6000’ in the Davis Mountains. Together with a handful of passionate Texans, we were on a chase led by a couple Houndsmen for a rare glimpse of the secretive mountain lion. We had no trouble spotting elk, javalina, aoudad, mule deer, whitetails, Montezuma quail and even a pair of eagles soaring over that piece of God’s country. Saw signs of lion, but she remains true, elusive and mysterious.

A proud Texan, Ben Masters is an excellent writer and speaker. He’s got a helluva good eye with cameras ... and loves good mountains to climb.

Let’s stand together, these are our young people working for change